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교회용 오르간 교육용 오르간 회사소개 오르간 구입 가이드

ARIA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS MFG. CO., LTD. is the largest and most recognized manufacturer of reed, educational, digital church organs in all of Asia. It is also the largest exporter of organs and organ related parts to some of the most famous organ companies in the world.

Aria has extensive facilities in manufacturing wood, steel, plastics and electronics goods at its 250,000 sq feet main factory in Gumi city, and has been building its own (KS Recognized - Korean Industrial Standards Association) quality organs for over 50 years.

Aria also has a massive sales network across Korea, and holds a 70%+ share of the organ market. Its no wonder Aria has been dominating the Korean organ market since its establishment in 1950.

Quality... at the most competitive price.

Aria Organs.

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